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Couple other things.. this session was very different than most of the UA sessions for a few reasons..
1. It was presented during Music Expo San Francisco and from setup to finished recording we only had 1.5 hours to track the song.
2. It was a partnership with Mojove and Royer Microphones so their mic's were all we used (except for one I brought.. special sauce).
3. We did 3 takes, the track is a comp of mostly take 3 with 2 small edits of take 1 and then the very last 4 bars from a couple of takes of just the tag.
4. I did a couple passes of the strings in one section to try and make it a bit bigger. Eh, sorta worked..
5. There were about 30-40 people in the tracking room and control room..
6. The original plan was to do this tracking session, then move the control room into the tracking room and mix it in front of the live audience. Well, that went wrong badly. When we booted the computer to start mixing, somehow the drive was corrupted and we lost the session. UA got it back after getting it to their shop and doing whatever they did to it.
7. I spent the next hour completely BS-ing with the Audience.. kinda fun..
8. I then mixed it in the box at my studio in Nashville.