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The SSL duality is an absolutely amazing sounding console that was ruined by the bone heads in SSL's development department.
Well Phil (or possibly Julius), I'd guess that makes your old mucker Chris a bonehead.

From my perspective, a desk that is able to run off standard power without the need for a machine room is very much what people today want. It's the same with the AWS. The PSUs are mounted at the top of the back to help pull air through the console - it's completely convection-cooled and placing the PSUs high at the rear means cool air gets pulled through the front of the console and across the channel strips. We do note in the installation guide that free air space is required behind and above the console for airflow, and also that "temperatures on the heat sink fins can reach 30 degrees Celsius above room temperature".

Ditto we note "The power dissipated by a 48 channel Duality ╬┤elta console is approximately 1,540W (2,200W for 72ch and 2,860 for 96ch). When all the studio equipment is taken into consideration, particularly if additional lighting is being installed, the combined heat output could be sufficient to cause the temperature to rise to uncomfortable levels. It is therefore likely that air conditioning will be required." This is much the same as the surface of a 4K (which then has another 2000W to dissipate from the PSU and computer racks).

Having worked on a number of 9000Ks myself I can attest to the fact that Duality is far cooler to sit in front of and work on than a K when you sit in front of it, even though the K has separate power supplies.

I'm not for a moment questioning your studio chops. Not by a country mile. However the world of separate machine rooms is commonly not an option in places where Dualities are successfully installed today. Much like not everyone is installing a Duality in a studio in, say, Ibiza where they try and mix without air con switched on. I'd also point out how little current Duality draws compared to our legacy consoles, how much energy that saves, and how efficient they are.

Glad you like the desk - CJ will at least be happy about that :-)
I'll let him know you posted.