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Hi Vance- thanks for doing this! I'm a big fan of your work, and your real music in real time aesthetic.

As you know, there is an insane amount of affordable recording gear that has come out over the past 10 years. And most of it seems to be marketed for the DIY artist who is engineering their records at home. Around these parts, the idea of going to a 'proper studio' is looked down upon by a lot of folks. After all, you can get 'pro' results at home, all by yourself.

BUT! I don't really see that happening. I don't see artists recording serious records on their own, and I don't hear great home recordings.

What's your experience with self-engineered artists/bands?
Well, some of it is good, and most of it is bad. If the band is good, bad gear can't hide it.. A competent mixer can make it work. But ****ty is still ****ty no matter what it sounds like.

I had 3 experiences in the last year or so where a band recorded themselves and thought it was the greatest recording known to man.. two of the records sucked and one was passable because they were so talented.. but they still made stupid decisions because they didn't think going to a "real" studio would help them.

the gear never makes the record.. the musicians do.