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Let me break this down a bit.. read between the lines...

Originally Posted by jwh1192 View Post
hi Mr Powell, thank you for being here .. may i ask about your Apollo Session. this is several related questions .. i hope this is ok with the Mods .. !!

1) was there anything Except the Apollo(s) used for this session, external mic pre amps, Eq's, Comps, etc .. ??
No, I only used the Apollo 8p preamps.

2) was the video done after the recording ?? as i see some headphones hanging on a music stand and no in-ears or wedges ..
it is the take, we decided to use no headphones..

3) but most of all Monitoring & Monitoring Control .. was the Physical Console used in the recording for HeadPhone mixes, or for running Apollo(s) back through for either Mixing or using the Physcal Console for it's Volume Knob ??? and i see you using the Talkback but hard to tell what else was being used ..
we used one of the 9k external returns to monitor and the 9k master volume pot only. The talkback you hear was the studio talkback as we used no headphones!

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