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Old 6th November 2017
I must be one of the "few" who actually likes the Duality and it's design then.

As a 24ch Duality SE owner, and long-time user of SSLs, the Duality was/is a major step forward (imho).
It had to develop further as the old PSUs required an ongoing mortgage to run (along with the AC to keep em cool)

Perhaps it's different for the 48 frame, but the 24 is great.
And the reason for the 2 power cables on 48 is due to that modular route.

Yes, it has some quirks, as does any console, but imho, there's not much out there that gives as much value for money.

And whilst my console is still in warranty, the service contract wasn't pushed at all. In fact the sales staff looked a bit confused when I asked about including it.
At some stage it might be worth considering as the console gets older, but it's a dynamic application - I've been told that within 8 hours, replacement parts can be with me.
It helps that I'm only about 60 miles away from the factory too.

Nope, considering the heat-sink that was the 9k (try standing behind that for any length of time - and it's PSU tower is usually in a machine room!), the Duality is a major progression.