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Thermionic Culture Fat bustard / Red Bustard or Tube Tech SSA2A

I've been using so different summing mixers for a long time at the commercial studios and , time to build my own studio has come. And I stuck which summing mixer should I buy. The best what I've tried was Shadow Hills equinox (which had 2 gamma preamps and 32 Chanels) BUT I'd like to try something else.

I DEFINATELY NOT A BIG FAN of Neve 8816 (which does nothing useful for me) but I can't buy the bid one full console (over $40.000 for, not sure that's the reasonable investment)

SO !

MY CHOISE is these guys :

Thermionic Culture
1)Fat Bustard (I wonder about filters at the end of the out pre section. I mean, I don't want to pay for the EQ I need nice summing buy not EQ r stereo things)
2)Red Bustard (Which look weird but probably same like fat one)

Tube tech
2)SSA2b (which probably is totally same only difference it does like mono Chanels manually for the first 4 Chanels and more expensive just coz that $1000 deference I'd say)


Sound what I'd like to get is aggressive , open , punchy , dirty , and things like that.