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Hey I'm stuck between the Sennheiser MK4, Blue Baby Bottle and SE Electronics sE2200a. What is the best condenser for recording rock clean vocals and screaming vocals? I bought the AT4040 but found it a bit too "dark" and "closed" sounding for my liking. Any recommendations? So far im closer to buying the MK4
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For screaming rock vocals you might try a Shure SM-7, Beyer M88, or a sE Electronics V7... on the condensors, find a store that has all three and will let you try them out? Only real way to know whats best for your voice...IMO. You really have to try mics on vocals to know what it is best IMO.
We [fingerpintaudio] offer a loaner service if that helps [for the sE 2200 and any sE mic]. Also a new 2200 debuted at AES 2017, that's a bit different in a good way.

*Good luck on your search!
I agree with the SM-7, M88 and sE V7 tips. Screaming "screams" dynamic mics. Sorry about that bad pun, couldn't resist!

@ Killerkiwiattak : you might want to consider two mics since screaming is a bit too specific. Not a bad idea to have one good dynamic mic and one good condenser mic around.