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Old 2nd November 2017
FYI- Well the Neuman KM series [KM 53, KM54, KM56] were created for German Radio [Brown Book] to record vocals...and be mobile/portable mics for interviews. Many more vocals were done with SDC's than you might think historically, but generally we do think about LDC's for vocals in the modern era. Re Electrets, or as modern marketing now calls them "permanently polarized", the Shure KSM series are all Electrets, and nobodies going to tell you the KSM 44 and KSM 32 are bad vocal mics, just saying. The other place you see them these days is almost all the USB mics are Electrets- ok that's not a good example lol. In the 80's not many people were using dynamics to record vocals [except Mick Jagger, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, and Bonnie Raitt, later U2, but they all clearly struggled to sell any records...], and only recently [last ten years] did the SM-7 usher back in the era of value priced dynamics as vocal mics. Frank Sinatra was an early revolutionary, when he wasn't using a Capitol u47 or C-37a, he was singing into a variant of the 545! The point of this ramble is that the best vocal mic is the one that sounds good on that particular singer on that day for that song. It might not be the obvious one, or the most expensive one. Experiment and listen to a lot of choices, you will find your best match. Happy recording to all!