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It's really a shame cocaine is illegal. I'm being serious. It's like 1-in-10,000 people that develop a problem. It's barely addictive and it works. It clears your sinuses and improves musical ability by enhancing focus. As long as you don't take so much as to get physical side effects like jitters and lip smacking or psychological effects like panic or anxiety. All of the bad things that can happen with too much coffee can happen with too much cocaine. The only difference is potency per unit volume. And cocaine is much less addictive. There is no withdrawal except being sleepy. The media and law enforcement are full of it. You have to be really stupid or have a psychological disorder to overdose as well as unlimited funds. It would take about $300 worth in an hour to overdose an adult to death. I mean even half that in an hour would suck bad, not fun at all, but it takes way more than is inferred by the media to overdose. And again, it's literally not addictive, at all, unless you are one in a whole lot of people predisposed to it. Just like alcohol.