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Cocaine is a helluva drug

But in all seriousness my best work is done after a coffee or two. Also One thing I didn't see mentioned is the temperature. Cold air helps you fall asleep. Hot air can keep you stimulated. One of the reasons why my shower in the morning is pretty hot and if I shower at nite it's a little cooler to help sleep. I keep a small quiet space heater in my mixing space to stay warm.

So good diet, light excercise and stretches, 20-30 minute nap mid day, coffee, cut down the sugar intake to prevent crashes, drink a lot of water that's not too cold, and either dress warm or keep the temperature up a little. Some people don't like Red Bull but the sugar free ones are ok.

I get the little Starbucks espresso shots from QT, pour it in a cup and top it with a large coffee.