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From the building experience I've had up to now i do think bad soldering it just a result of wrong temperature, a crap soldering iron or poor maintenance of your tip

I had a Duratool soldering Iron which i used on many builds and i soldered perfectly well at 360C until its finally went to solder iron heaven.

The next Iron i went for a Hakko FX888 because everybody is hyping them, Ive had nothing but trouble wit my 888 its solders nowhere near as good as the Duratool the tip just doesnt seem to get as hot and what the screen is reporting. I don't think the Hakko FX888 is a bad iron i just think the one i have is faulty and has put me off building at the moment as soldering with a $hit iron takes away all the fun.

Its sad because if you were new to soldering and owned my Hakko 888 you would be under the illusion you were rubbish at soldering when infact its the iron which is rubbish.