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Here for the gear

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I saw the one comment about usefulness for film. What does something like this offer for the film realm, over particle granular processors like DUST and SoundParticles? Very cool plug-in, though.
@ harwhit : Our dearVR plugins create a kind of „acoustic virtual reality“ with binaural and ambisonic output formats (up to TOA with dearVRpro)
Besides offering new opportunities for music production (please listen to our demos at, we designed dearVR pro as a tool for 360° video production or VR/AR/Game preproduction.

Even though Dust is a pretty cool plugin and also has a binaural panner, it emits a sound based on granular resynthesis. I think you won’t be able to create such a realistic and natural sounding spatial audio mix as with the dearVR plugins. Also the binaural panner offers only X/Y position in the horizontal plane and no elevation.

SoundParticle is a standalone application. It doesn't have a binaural rendering and supports only channel-based audio. But again, also a fascinating sound designer tool...