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Why not get new earpads so the K271s can at least serve as a good tracking headphone? (It's a great idea that they mute when taken off)

Open gives you more options. K702 is $190 used on Amazon, $226 street. It's my daily after I replaced the cord with a more durable braided one. With a cat who likes soft rubbery cables, I can't possibly get a headphone without replaceable cables.
K712 PRO seems to be the 702 with bass boost, not worth it IMHO (and looks tacky with orange and black). K812 can be found at $800.

Well, I actually pulled the crumbled pads out all together, so now there's just the hard plastic
It doesn't seem to impact the sound much, so I can live with that until I get new ones.

I want new ones because the cavity is too small. Even with the pads I always got pain in my ears after a few hours use, and I'm kinda fed up with that. And I guess after almost 10 years service I can justify buying a new pair of headphones. They still do play fine though, but I really want some with enough space for my (Apparently) large ears.

You're right, the auto cut-off is a great feature. I really like that too
That feature is one I will miss dearly if it isn't on the new set I end up getting.

Open is not possible here (Too much ambient noise)

Haha, cats will be cats

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I had to work in close back headphones for like a year and you soon realize the only thing that matters is comfort when wearing headphones 10 hours a day.
Without comfort they can sound like heaven and it still won't work