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To have some fun in this tiring afternoon fighting against servers, I programmed a preset with a sound I love on drums: "Shaved Drums"

Disto-S 030001
Gain 0.6600001454 Volume 0.4804380536 Hipass 0.0000000000 Band 0.0000000000
Attack 0.3949999809 Release 0.4849999845 UK 1.0000000000 Hottitude 0.0700000003
Ratio 0.0000000000 Mix 0.0000000000 Auto 1.0000000000 HarmSw 0.0000000000
LinkSw 0.0000000000

Fine tuning:

- Gain reduction peaking at 9/10 dB


Ratio: 1:1 (just the lable, of course)
UK mode engaged
No filters
Default gain staging (Hottitude in default position)
Medium Atk and Rls
3rd harmonic mode
No dry mix

Auto-gain takes care of matching the level to bypass level (the usual best practice, but automated).
The saturation stage gives presence to the snare (programmed on an acoustic drumkit loop).