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Old 16th October 2017
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Bumping this after.... 11 years, 8 months, 20 days.
That is how long ago I last smoked anything.
Wow, really nice!

I guess I sort of got lucky when I decided to try cigarettes but just couldn't keep up with it because I actually had to WILL myself to smoke them. Every time I'd light up, I'd just think about how much of a horrible decision it was regarding my health and my wallet; I'd sift through the pros and cons in my head and just feel totally guilty about all the cons.

I'd also think back to the posters around my high school showing a bunch of the chemicals that went into cigarettes and how they become carcinogenic and toxic when burned. Even on the chance those were partially true, I knew that all of it was likely true (and the ingredients lists were certainly factual).

Anyway, my point isn't to offend anyone by suggesting I'm saying, "Look how easy it was for me to avoid cigarettes!" but just to generally share my thought process. It also helps that I'm pretty young and grew up in a time when cigarettes were being banned in public buildings and anti-smoking ads were being run. It made me think about the controversy and ultimately decide to just avoid it all. That being said, I see a lot of people my age starting to smoke. I can totally sympathize when it comes to stress, general nihilistic attitude/going to die anyway mindset, near-ubiquitous presence of cigarettes in social and work situations, and probably whatever else ... but I guess I keep going back to the pros and cons and wondering why it's such a thing.