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Old 14th October 2017
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Has anybody tried AKG's K872 headphones?
(Or the new K275 perhaps)

If yes; what's your opinion on those?

I'm about to replace my worn out AKG K271mk2 (The inner ear-pads have disintegrated and are simply falling apart into little pieces of fabric!) and wonder if the K872 is a sane choice or if the new K275 is perhaps more sensible (There's a huge price-difference between those 2, but is there also a huge sound-difference I wonder)

I'm interested in how they sound, obviously, but also about their design in terms of possible durability (I love the K271's sound, but am a bit disappointed in the way the inner ear-pads are basically dissolving and crumbling when they're not even 10 years old (That said, my ears do physically touch the ear-pads because the cavity is not deep enough, so ear-sweat have of course deposited over the years of heavy use))