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It never really stopped, it morphed into Nightwind Records...which is a 'spiritual' but (as I see it) more advanced and freaked out- successor to the defunct Strange Life records (you can check the releases here or

Strange Life records was created by accident sort off when I send some CDrs with ambient tracks I had made to some friends, that release was Smackos - The Age of Candy Candy....I just made up the Strange Life recordlabel name for fun. A week later it was on discogs and I thought cool I guess I have a label now and made a bunch more and other artists started to send in music too and the rest is history But as a snowball rolling of a mountain the label became a bit too much work and I had enough of was time for a next chapter.

Some more trivia - the name Strange Life was inspired by the supercool Arabian prince song which is my life anthem: