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Originally Posted by gentleclockdivid View Post
OK Here's an audio clip
Playing from C4 --F2
At C3 .;the sounds becomes muddy because of the bad interpolated square .( see screenshots which I have posted above .
And the wise guys that will go like ' well that's because these are low notes ..'
That's not the case .
And that's my beef with the sns engine till now .

Settings are for supernatural synth
Ring mod on
Osc 1 =saw type A
Osc 2 =square type A 1octave down and amp level to 0 ( we don't want osc 2 in our final output )

SO yes , after a few days of owning the integra , I bump into weird thing like this ..
Could that be prove that I actually explore my gear ?
As I have time to waste, I've repeated your demonstration with the same settings on a single SN Synth Partial on the JP-80. According to your audio sample, I've played from C3 (not from C4 as you've inadvertently written) down to F2. And the sound becomes 'muddy' at C2 (and not at C3 as you've inadvertently written) and downwards by using square ('SQR') type A on Osc 2 ('Partial 2').

But as the sound is already one octave lower, because of the Osc 2 Pitch '-12' setting, you would transpose the sound one octave up in order to get the normal pitch and then we are actually talking about C1 and not C2, when the sound is getting 'muddy'. But the lowest key on a 76 keyboard is E1, which is of course above C1, so you won't be able to reach the area, where it gets 'muddy'.

Try square variation/type B and C instead of type A and the situation will improve, as you can hear in the following audio demo. I play 3x from C3 to F2 with the basic square wave, then with square wave variation B and finally with variation C:

SN Synth Ring Modulation - SAW with SQR wave A, B and C, played from C3 to F2

Once I've posted these examples concerning the aliasing issue of the PWM waveform ('PW-SQR') type A, B and C. Type B and C have an unacceptable aliasing issue:

PW-SQR A waveform from JP-80, played in minor thirds from C4 to C8
PW-SQR B waveform from JP-80, played in minor thirds from C4 to C8
PW-SQR C waveform from JP-80, played in minor thirds from C4 to C8

But the PWM wave type A is still quite usable:

JP80 - SN Synth PW-SQR pad sound

Other SN Synth files, I've once posted:

JP80 - SN Synth Filters
JP80 - SN Synth mangling