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that's all very nice but what exactly is new in v4? can't seem to find info regarding new features on your website. because from what I see there are a couple of minor GUI changes and nothing else (?) ... if there are no functional changes an upgrade like that should be free.

speaking of changes you really ought to improve on that sector, I've been asking for changelogs/release notes since the beginning of the year, so when you upgrade, change or fix something we know what was that. your customer support guy asked me what's a change log ... go figure.

So back to this upgrade, I have the full ref 3 package. (didn't buy systemwide though, came out after my purchase) so it looks like I could upgrade to the studio edition v4 for 20 something bucks. that's nice, but again, what are the improvements in v4, cause otherwise I'm basically getting Systemwide, which I don't necessarily need.

Better or rather, actual changelogs are on the menu for the dev team.

As for meaningful upgrade for speaker guys, currently zero latency filtering for the plug-in is your best bet.

We just also finished R&D for a better measurement algorithm which takes better into account sweetspot distance from speakers. We've committed to adding it until New Year.