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Originally Posted by andy3 View Post
I have sonarworks 3 full (headphones + speakers + calibrated mic) before september 2017. What is the upgrade price for the 4 full? Not much clear to me.

Another question, please:
I don't use it for the headphones, so, is the main news of the speakers version 4 the zero latency mode or are there other news?

Thank you.
It should be $19 for your upgrade.
zero latency and they stated better measurements in 4.

Originally Posted by andy3 View Post
Another question, can I use the same calibration files (for the speakers) for the 3 on the 4 or is it better to make a new one?
Yes you can use version 3 profiles, I am using mine from 3 no problem.
To make a new one is a separate matter altogether. Because they mentioned better measurements I'll be doing new measurements in the near future.