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Old 11th October 2017
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I never use those services myself (but maybe some labels I have released on might have used them I dunno)
Its like between a scam/spam service with I am pretty sure counterproductive results...

Everyday I get a loooot of those mails from promo services....I like to find my music myself, getting it shoved in my mailbox just makes me pissed off...(unasked a lot of the did they even manage to get my email address??? pure SPAM!) ..most of the time its below par Ibiza minimal tech house...there might be real cool stuff also send out by these promo services but they get lost like a grain of sand in a void of soullless EDM.

I am sure there are more composed elegant promo services out there that won't make your release seem like that ..but I really don't know

200 euros to send some emails sounds like a pretty good racket

Also it often makes every DJ play the same boring thing, that is ofcourse the objective/aim of these promo companies but who wants to be a promo-only-ALDI-DJ that plays music that everybody else plays too...ah well sorry I am ranting again