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This is an interesting new sub forum. I'm curious if virtual reality is just defined as something "visual" or could it be "auditory" as well? are binaural beats a form of "auditory" virtual reality?
I think it’s an inherit perception we will constantly need to work against as musicians whenever the “AR” or “VR” terms are used. Our group just released a purely auditory AR album—and our press feedback so far has been partly that our visuals in the app are lacking too much to advertise it to their audiences. We made a concious decision to hide the visuals so that people would listen and navigate purely with their ears.

The reaction is partly our fault for not caveating enough in our press that there are no visuals—and also showing the “guts” in our promo video (see video link below). But there’s so much potential in the medium—we can control audio effects or pitch based on distance, make songs different depending which way you walk, etc. So happy we have this forum to talk these things out and thrive as a group.