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Old 8th October 2017
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Kawai K1

Hi Danny,

First off, I would like to say thanks for doing this. I'm a fan of your music and its always a real treat getting to watch any videos of you in your studio talking about music. You've got some lovely stuff to download from your website and a the smakos stuff has found an appreciative home on my HD. Nice to have an opportunity to look into how you process sound.

Anyway, I wanted to ask a question about the K1. I've had one for the last year and its got a great sound. The stringy pads are my favourites, though I think pretty much everything takes on an interesting character and gets harmonics when its shoved through some dirt and a ms20 filter.

I enjoy making my own sounds usually, but I'll admit that I have yet to fully program a sound from scratch on the K1. It has lots of beautiful patches on the cards and I've been satisfied up to now with simply editing them if they're a bit off.

However, it'd be good to use it more than just a preset machine that gets mangled with fx. I'm also trying to ignore the new D05 and use what I have

Before I go in deep, could you maybe suggest some pointers or divulge some of the quirks that you find interesting? Anything else in-between would be good also

Thanks again