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Old 7th October 2017
Here for the gear
thanks alot for your good answer. yes they are all intruments aslong they sound good. ok i know them all and use them too. i´m a big fan of free synths sometimes they are more experimenting and exotic ones like some commercial ones.that is why i ask. i could also say alot to all that synths you use but it would be to much bla bla. some synths like sylenth have a bit of stuck in some genre for the most people but i don´t care about that you can always press init and yes and it sounds really good.

i can imagine its difficult to make music on airports and stuff but having fun with synths in a eno-esque activity and i´m pretty sure sometimes you won´t make music everyday too.

intresting to hear that you make the my coverti world - genzgebiete der psycho hygiene all with softsynths. because for me it sounds not like that but who hears the difference today just maybe the smackos tape station on the drums thanks for that also i use it alot

i don´t know if you care but i wanna say one of my favorite releases from you are ufo onderzoek 1983 with lijnvlucht k203 bestemming trondheim still amazing. and The rise and fall of manuel noriega with sepecat. but i anyways i like 99,9 % of your releases too thanks for all your good music and your sharing of your samples too wich i really like. if you make another one please from the jp4 or from a synth wich it hard to get. sorry i´m very outrageous

for the future would be great to hear a track with you and ferrence he should make music again. thanks again for your answer maybe see you tonight in frankfurt if i have i find time to get there...