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-- What's your favorite European city and why?

-- Europe today or 20 years ago? Which one you prefer.

-- Do you ride a bicycle?
Yes a TREK great to cycle through the dune hills of the North Sea coast

-- What are your favorite foods?
Peruvian and Polish food

-- Do you still play Amiga games? If so, which were your favorite?
No...Maybe Commodore 64 only once every year or so to have some fun with friends. My favourite Amiga game is probably PIRATES!

-- Do you like beer? If so, which are your favorite?
Sure I like beer, it all tastes the same to me

-- Do you dream music? If so, how often?
Sure but I can never remember

-- Do you have any interest in space / cosmos related stuff? Do you watch night skies?
Ofcourse, every human should ponder the night sky

-- Have you ever tried one "product" invented by Dr. Albert Hofmann?