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heyo lenad

Sure I use both free and commercial soft synths a lot when I am on the road but also at home, I don't really differentiate between soft and hardware synths as an ingredient in music to be used at certain places...but outside of the studio its fantastic to have these things.

Some stuff I use and like:

TAL - almost everything this guy made I have used: the Juno's, The 101's, The delays, those weirder earlier free synths. The old free ones might not be the greatest sound-wise sometimes but they are true workhorses, and you can always find some brilliant sweet spots to work around their limits. My Coverti World - Grenzgebiete der Psycho Hygiene release is almost entirely made with free TAL softsynths (except the drums)

OBXD - A free Oberheim inspired sofsynth with a particular sound
SYNTH1 - A free Japanese soft synth very versatile
LEGEND - A very thick minimoog emulator
The Korg Legacy plugins (particularly the M1), Waldorf Wave, Sylenth (a bit of hardtrance atmosphere around that one but its a very very good soft synth) and some other stuff

DEXED - nice free DX7 emulator (still no portamento ? :D) I love programming sounds for this while waiting at airports, gives a serene zen state, a very Brian Eno-esque activity.

But I also use my own sample packs in Ableton's simpler of course.

A lot of time its difficult to really get into the zone producing when touring though, I almost never make music in airplanes, there is too much background noise and distractions. Trains are much nicer to produce, I still remember have fond times with my Yamaha QY70 on the Shinkansen.