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Night Of The Illuminati lyrics

Hello Danny!

I am a big fan, you have always been a direction and an inspiration to follow not only for the music producing but especially for the attitude you share with everyone on how approach the music life-style itself.

One of the releases that I consider an evergreen masterpiece is "Night Of The Illuminati" under the Squadra Blanco moniker. 15 years old and still fresh as hell.

Something that struggled (not only) me for a while is understand the I thought to catch this great opportunity to try solve the enigma, hoping that could be useful for others fans aswell.

"The Night Must Fall"

Just another rainy day, waiting for the night to come
? but if the night falls a no longer ... help?
wondering through the streets, looking for another one
maybe I will find ???

Just another rainy day, waiting for the night to come
? but if the night falls a no longer advice for help?
This world ??? to you
Don't be afraid, the night must fall

??? ... this place ?
far away from this cold and ?shapy? world
nobody really ?tells? truth here
??? every crazy man
don't you know, the night must fall.

??? ??? ???
after very now
why do you cry, girl, ???
I have to do this
cannot by myself

the night must fall.
the night must fall, don't be afraid (x2)

(reprise of already spoken text in (no specific?) order)

"Purification The City Shall Burn Tonight"

I am the angel of death
I ?????
? the time of purification has come ?
??? shelter ??? tonite ??? (x2)

??? has come ??? devil ??? with you ??? yes my ???
- evil laugh -

??? when I was ??? ??? as long as ???
??? wonder ??? I will beat them all ???
??? and there will be ??? reconciliation ???
?????????? tonite
??? until the end ??? I won't surrender ???
??? shelter ??? tonite ??? (repeat until the end)

Night Of The Illuminati

Squadra Blanco (2x)

?Dai? obbidi illuminati (freestyle latin?)
?fear? them 'cause they know who you are
Dai obbidi illuminati
- evil laugh -

Squadra (x2)
Squadra Blanco (x16)