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Ribbons smooth over fast transients in a way that thickens things up, but for a room full of people clapping,,,, ribbon is a bad choice, ribbons don't handle transients like that well. SDC is the way to go for that task.

The real old time drummers would not play on the hats at the same time as the snare because the snare sounded better in the ribbon mic without the hats going. This is before there were things like a high hat mic.
I have a completely different understanding of both issues.

Passive ribbons and active ribbons without EQ circuits do roll off on the top end, and sound “smoother” as a result of that and the required transformer, but they are not at all deficient in terms of transient response. The ribbon has far less mass than an SDC capsule and so is actually quicker, not slower.
Ribbons, particularly the RCA ribbons, were the usual talent mics and audience mics for the first ten years of television. That was the sound I was after.

The most well-known “old time drummer” who does not play the hat on snare beats is probably Charlie Watts of The Rolling Stones. I haven’t looked it up today, but I think he said he didn’t like the sound of both played together. It had nothing to do with the miked sound. If I recall correctly, he just thought it sounded cleaner to him as a drummer.