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Originally Posted by Bach666 View Post
How is this statement considered a "user suggestion"?

".. a user on my Instagram mentioned a stereo output like the original thing"

I interpreted this as someone, the person knew through Instagram, confirmed certain details about the pedal.

I feel that mono in stereo out chorus pedals are kind of the standard of how these things are built, and the mono in mono out ones are just cheap, and nobody really wants them.

Giving the "user account" of the pedal indeed having stereo outs a bit of credence as well as recognizing how not staying true to this design would totally ruin any attempt at replicating the design of the Juno's chorus, it makes more sense to believe it will have stereo outs imo.
Oh I read it as maybe just being a user suggestion...thats all

its hard to tell on the photo, if its not just a mock up, but it only shows an input and output, and Tore did not mention stereo outputs either

I dont care if Im wrong, Id rather have stereo

ftr TC already produce mono to mono choruses, not just do Electro Harmonix, MXR, Boss, and a couple of more boutique lines. So theyre not that uncommon