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I usually use a pair of the metal bodied, Mk1 ATC 20s for stereo work and but I do have three more of them, with an ATC SCM 0.1/15SL sub, for surround work. I also still have a pair of SCM100ASL which used to be my standard monitor on location but I conceded to age last year (mine, not the speakers) and sold the flight cases to help reduce the temptation to carry them around. (It worked and they haven't left their stands since.)

Didn't see the point in piping up with this before as the thread specifically called for light weight speakers and ATC are many things but light weight is never going to be one of their attributes. Add some decent flightcases and they can be quite solid little lumps to carry around. Though the feeling of relief when putting down a pair of flightcased metal SCM20s after carrying them a couple of hundred yards and up some steps, is very pleasant. My knees almost emit a chorus of thanks as I set down the 70-odd kg of extra load. I guess after many years of using SCM100s on location, even the the metal SCM20s feel like a good 'portable' alternative.

I auditioned some of the new Genelec One series speakers recently and was pleasantly amazed at them. I'm just waiting to get hold of some for an extended trial but on a first, fairly brief, hearing they were the first speakers to make me seriously think about replacing my SCM20s (and I've never been a huge fan of Genelec for making balance decisions on). Though I did like a lot of things about some little Amphions I used a few months back (not sure what model they were but they seemed very clean and neutral with really good imaging and the balances I got through them worked fine on the ATCs at home).

(Oh, and none of my ATCs hum even slightly. I have, however, noticed tiny cracks starting to form around the bolt holes where the front baffles are secured to the rear case casting on the two oldest speakers. Nothing seems to be moving and there aren't (yet) any untoward effects on the sound of the speakers but they're definitely cracking. Probably time to get them back to ATC. In fairness, the speakers have been lugged around in flight cases for over 20 years with only a couple of trips to ATC over theat time for driver upgrades, and they've never given me any trouble.)