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Originally Posted by Spectralwaves View Post
Its already being designed & made by Tony Allgood @ Oakley Sound: the Oakley SRE330.
Designed yes, made not; well, the PCBs are and if you're courageous enough and have an oscilloscope and have time and enough EE knowledge to know what you're doing you too can have one. But that's an awful lot of "ifs" there. It's sort of like saying "you too can wear haute-couture, the drawings of how you should cut the fabric are like, right there".

There are several levels of DIY, and this is too close to bare metal for me at least. I'd feel more comfortable with PCB + parts + case so it's just a matter of assembly, but I acknowledge that this is not possible for smaller mfgs.

Originally Posted by swiller View Post
If its just a chorus pedal, then why copy the juno?
Its to gain more sales obviously and rip off that classic design which is sought after.
I dunno. Because it sounds good? Because it forms a large part of the character of the Juno? Run a Prophet 08 through it and you'll get pretty close?

Why are you taking this so seriously?