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How to Pronounce Equations for Physics?

I entered the above title, (How to Pronounce Equations for Physics?) and I thought I hit the jack-pot: the very first link went to, "Cambridge Dictionary!" Sadly, the entry told me how to pronounce, "Equation" in 'American English' and 'British English.' I already knew that; still, I appreciated the effort.

What I need is a pronunciation guide to symbols. For example, "ψi" but with the "i" as a subscript. However, I can't remember how to change an "i" to a subscript "i" (I think I had an Amiga program that could translate it for me, and that's buried in the attic). Using a plain "i," I tried three Microsoft Voices: David, Hazel and Zira. 'David' and 'Zira' say "ψi" as a "Z" followed quickly by an "I." (Lazy 'Hazel' just says a "Z.") I use the free, "Balabolka" engine, but as I understand speaking platforms, the Voice determines the sound, not the engine. I could be wrong, of course.

I know this may seem esoteric to some, but if I can make a set of lyrics containing high-end equations actually work, it might be cool. Or not. Any ideas?