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Yes I've done a LOT of listening on all three. Mainly because I used to lug around a second pair of ATC 50ASL on remote gigs. YES i was F-ing crazy, but I wanted to work with what I knew inside out - also years of working in live rigging meant that moving a 50KG speaker became childsplay. After major knee surgery I became more focused on lighter loads and spent 3 months with a pair of all three in the car with me on every gig.

The ME-Geithain came onto my radar after using their big brothers in a BBC OB van.

The Neumanns - I had always liked the 3-way K+H o300 so thought that the baby brother might sound good.

The ATC 20mk2 was a natural side step from the 50s ( and had used the STUPID heavy metal version MK1s which I always liked) That much weight really does limit self resonance issues which when you are talking about low end on a small speaker is a BIG factor.
That said, my idea of portable is - I KNOW - different from most, the MKiis weigh in at 28KG each - but they are physically SMALL.

My favourite is the ATC, then the ME-Geithain - tonal balance is better on the ATC, sweet spot on the ME-Geithain requires less physical space. ATC also has a much more solid low end - due to being a sealed box. it's TIGHT.

The neumanns sound to me like what Genelec WISHES it's small speakers sounded like.
very even - tweeter doesn't "bark" at you, under 7 KG each. translate nicely.

I'm biased but the ATC come first in sound, the Geithain have and amazing sound for the size but not as strong on image or idea of "black" behind the speaker. Neumann are the best of the micro monitor bunch in terms of sound vs price vs weight.

I went with the ATC and now have 2 pairs - sold the second pair of 50s.
One lives at the studio the other lives at home or on the now occasional live /remote gig.