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Have you done substantial listening on all three? If so, how would you compare them?
I have heard all three and each is excellent in its own way and probably each the best there is in their price bracket.

I still think that the KH 120 are the best at the price - I used to use the forerunner, the K+H O110, before I upgraded to the RL 906.

I did a comparison of the O 110 against the KH 120 and they were so close as to be almost the same. The RL 906 was a good step up.

A friend had the earlier ATC - the ones with the metal case - they were excellent, but hernia heavy and he did have problems with a quiet hum that, after going back to ATC was still there.

The ATC are excellent and have a larger bass driver - they come about half way betewwn the RL 906 and RL944K.

Any of these I would put top of the class at their price bracket.

You *really* need to know what your budget is, how far you can stretch, and listen properly to each in your location.

Both Neumann and Geithain do cases and/or transit bags for these monitors for location work (and ATC did cases for the metal 120s) and both design for compatbility - eg: I use my RL 906 on location and the sound is the same on my RL 944K back at base (but with a better bass extension on the 944K).

UPDATE - Neumann tell me they have now discontinued the bags and cases for the KH120, though they still have KH310 bags left.

I hope this helps.

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