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Keep rocking that nihilism! No really, you strike me as someone with not too many values, huh? That's your life, that's fine. But what isn't cool is the way you try to talk over issues, I think value issues make you genuinely uncomfortable, the same way it made you very uncomfortable when people asked about your deal with Behringer. The best thing you could have done was to lay all the cards on the table immediatly, instead you were very offended and mad that people asked about it.

If you work for TV (I think I read that), please be aware that your integrity and neutrality is a key issue to the audience. As it should be, and you should know that intuitively! So, I was QUITE surprised when you reacted like you did to people's innocent q's about your affiliation with Mr. China. If you get offended when people desire transparency, you really have a lot to learn yet, believe me.

And finally, if you try to sweep everything under the rug and talk everything away, then YOU are the one doing politics. That's just a fact. And people can see through it..
Honestly everyone needs to get over all the Behringer Butt-Hurt. It's 2017, Korg has a complete DX7 synth engine in several products, Roland just came out with a Mini-Moog inspired synth.

We all want vintage sounding gear at affordable prices, why can't we just be happy with it when it comes to market no matter who makes it