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Old 4th October 2017
Here for the gear

Hey guys,

Being the head of all things pedals at TC (and a long time lurker here at Gearslutz), I just wanted to chime in here.

First of all I'm really glad you guys like the pedal. The response we've gotten so far has been overwhelming and quite frankly a bit surprising considering it's "just" a chorus pedal.

Secondly I do feel the need to address a few of the things said about TC Electronic being purchased by Behringer (although technically it's Music Group, but let's not split hairs here).

Yes - we are now owned by another company - one that I know has a tendency to cause heated discussions on certain forums. But the TC I go to work at every day is still very much its own company and the products we choose to do is in no way dictated by anybody else. In fact the only radical difference is the fact that the engineering department is now almost doubled compared to what it was before. This enables us to make far more products than ever before as well as take on more risky and research-heavy projects... projects we most definitely would have never had the resources to do "in the old days".

Products like our new MASH-enabled pedals as well as some incredibly exciting new projects we're currently working on in both the studio and guitar departments (that I unfortunately can't tell you guys about yet), would have never seen the light of day, had it not been for the massive investments from Music Group and Uli Behringer.

As someone who has spent 15 years working here and pretty much live and breathe TC guitar effects every day, I can honestly say that I personally am truly excited about all the incredible possibilities we have suddenly gotten to being able realise even the most challenging and innovative ideas we've come up with over the years and that we will strive to turn them into equally amazing products for you guys.