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Hello radloheb,

1. There were some phases, I started out with the Amiga with Octamed and then I also got a cheap Atari ST with a copy of Cubase, a total different approach on sequencing. With Octamed you really ‘program’ your tracks, almost Roland MC8 sequencer style…with the Atari ST Cubase you could enter the notes with the mouse or play more freely with a MIDI keyboard.
I used both Amiga and Atari and sometimes I would use them together (have the Amiga synced by the Atari or vice versa)
Sometimes I didn’t use any computer at all and just use the sequencers on the synths and drum machines, like the SH101, Pro One…syncing the arpeggiators with a Roland TR808/707/606

Around 2006 I started to use The Yamaha RM1X which is an incredible hardware sequencer, for me one the best ever made. Stuff like the TEAC LIFE is almost 100% RM1X.

2. Octamed (version 3 or 4 and up) could sequence MIDI and do stuff like MIDI sync, so with an Amiga MIDI interface I could control any MIDI synth, and with a MIDI to CV converter (I had a Kenton Pro 2000Hz) I could sync my TR808/TB303 and play CV/GATE synths. Before I had the Kenton I used a TR707 to sync the TR808/303/606/202, if you use the 707 as the master clock machine you can use it as rudimentary MIDI to 24sync converter.

Octamed and MIDI ran super fast on an Amiga 1200 and the tracking style of programming was kind of cool and different, it has a very hardware-esque feel to it….and the fact that the Amiga was also a sampler was supercool, you could have 4 channels of samples running next to the MIDI.

question 3: No its very well alive and use it know and then, its my third Mono/Poly. First one I had in the 90s I traded for an MKS100, then I got one in 2002/3 together with a Minimoog I bought in Belgium, I made the Klaus Weltman - Cultus Island with that Mono/Poly…I sold it after that but then I got another one around 2008 and this one stays

question 4. I don’t know these particular synths but they seem cool I guess, I am quite saturated with analog poly synths in my studio so I don’t have a need for them really.