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The Korg Arp odyssey Module, or even with keys, is for about 400 – 550 Euros second hand around here. The prices are very low given the fact that Korg they putted this synth initially for about 999 $ worldwide.

This production from Korg was a weirdo failure from the beginning, and it is a shame because the synth sounds great and on top of that is duophonic, and there are so many things you can do. But, hey, Korg they forgot to add some modern features into it, a 64 step sequencer and with patch and pattern memory, and with some digital effects, could put this great synth into another level, actually this Arp Odyssey could be the next modern classic synth. But, hey this is Korg …

Now, all people and their grandpas are getting crazy with the minilogue’s and the monologue’s, and this proves that for the synths in 2017 …it is not only about the sound, it is all about the overall design and features…
You realise it was an Odyssey? Not a do it all wannabee fantastico synth.

A weirdo failure? Global sales stats at hand by any chance? How about Korgs expectations and targets?