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Ohh, I like forum tennis too.

So I'll say: What are they?

In the next post you say: Check Google

Then I say: I tried that.

Then you say: It fits in Eurorack

I say: I'm looking for exact dimensions, including the wood sides and maximum height in it's original case.

Then you say one of two things: I don't know, or answer the original question.

You asked if anyone knew. The answer is yes, someone knows. Several people.

That person isn't me. I don't know. The dimensions didn't wind up in the preorder copy that retailers are using. That's where I usually find those things out.

I enjoy answering questions in literal, pedantic terms. It's my favorite.

I suppose I'd also like the dimensions - then again, it's probably about as big as it looks, which would be as tall as (but wider than) a Mother 32, narrower than a System 1 Rack. The general idea is enough info for me, for now.

Are you pre-crocheting it a dustcover or something, or just have a very tiny desk?