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Old 29th September 2017
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The cool thing about ambient is that there are no rules, structure is not important (but can be of course!) its a complete free flowing music style. It is very much a music of the mind it works on special ways on the brain.

When I make ambient I rarely put beats in it, it almost feels vulgar to contaminate an ambient track with beats, this sounds a bit weird and cocky but maybe some of you understand. (The worst is when your track becomes some kind of balaeric run down mindless weak shallow Ibiza lounge trip hop ambient...dont get me wrong there are lots of super good ambient tracks with beats but its a tricky affair)

A Typical process…there is not really a typical process for me really…There are so many ways. Just make yourself “comfortable” and sit behind a synthesizer and muck about, record that…check it out, keep the good parts and record over it again in a multitrack way with another sound. Add some cool vocal or field recording samples. And lots of effects of course! Delay to make the track multidimensional.

Or just sit behind a bunch of synths around you, have some good programmed patches and improvise…real magic can happen then…sometimes you record a track like that and you don’t even know how you did it. Its almost like someone takes over your soul…you become some kind of conduit or entered some seldomly used parts of your brain.

I listen to a lot of ambient music, since the 90s its probably my favourite music genre. My favourite ambient album is Brian Eno’s On Land 4. I am really into the weirder “underground new age” stuff too old labels like MU-PSYCH and Pauline Anna Strom’s Trans Millenia Consort…so good!

The genre today is very well alive I guess...there are a lot of contemporary talented ambient artists: of course Huerco S, he is a genius thats just on the top of my head but there are so many others too.