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Hello Malkit. Dark days was mixed down on 2 Philips hifi speakers I found on the street in the 90s.

Crystal Cult with my current mixing setup with consists of a Presonus monitor station with a lof of different monitors, my main one are Klein & hummel Neumann K120’s, then I got Yamaha HS5’s, ****ty PC speakers and normal hifi speakers. I kind of switch between those to check how everything sounds. I just put that stuff in my living room and mix it down on the couch.

Crystal Cult was mixed down completely in the box in Ableton…Dark Days mostly on a Spirit Folio mixer without any compressors (Didn’t have any then)

Ofcourse like everyone else I get stuck sometimes, a good thing is to just take everything from a completely different angle, start over or change some sounds that don't work (like a bas drum for example)

Hope that is a satisfying answer!