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Penteo has "terrible latency" and makes it unusable in realtime - many user reviews talk about problems mixing with it as an insert too (volume moves lag).

I am not sure any of the upmixers would work fine in realtime use - maybe a short reverb or some delays and panning might be of more use for live work?

Just a thought!
As for pads/ambient - my view on it - Penteo sounds (very!) good when trying to separate / spread out a recording in terms of individual instruments. It "separates" a lot, doesn't mean it "envelopes" you in a sound field every time. So pads might not feel that wide - or might have too much separation of individual elements. YOu can tweak it of course. Other upmixers sound more "all around" without "separating" individual elements that well. You should maybe request a few demos and give them a spin for your use.
Hope you find what you are looking for!