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The main thing I want to hear is stereo picture and to judge depth.
I agree with your strategy, Hudson. Speaker/room interaction on location is so disparate, that I mostly rely on cans for balance, frequency response etc. Once that's nailed down I check stereo and depth on speakers. If there's a soloist and fader riding, I definitely rely on speakers more.

I use a pair of KEF LS50s (passive) on sessions where the control room is big enough to justify the hard-shelled rolling case they travel in. I drive them with a pair of FlyingMole DAD m100 mono amps (no longer available). For concerts/recitals I pair the amps with a pair of vintage NHT SuperZeros. They're tiny, detailed, and have nothing below 200Hz. The NHTs plus the amps fit in a small, carry-on suitcase surrounded by old t-shirts and rags.