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Old 21st September 2017
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thanks for the responses.

I haven't heard any of those speakers you suggest,
and I don't know a place around here where I can compare them.
(could order them via Thomann and send back, but can you order two pairs at a time?)

Anybody experience with these coaxial speakers ?
are they better in not-treated rooms? than normal 2 way speakers?

I read reports on gearslutz low end theory about the FX8 having a nice bass range, starting at 36Hz, i guess that's very good for a small speaker, but some claim they are less pronounced around 1kHz.
My genelec 1032 are 42-21k, and I don't really like the lows on them.
I record organ and chamber music. so not sure if I should buy an excellent
small speaker that has less lows but better mids, or a 8 inch model,
with mayber lesser mids.

Apart from that I did hear AMT tweeters in Adams and certainly liked them.

EVE sc208
390 x 255 x 330 mm
Frequency range (-3db):36 Hz - 21 kHz

Fluid FX8
10kg (less heavy)
340 x 254 x 270 mm (really smaller)
Frequency range (-3db):35 - 22 kHz (equal)
385 €/pair (3.4 times cheaper)

Eve sc205
275 x 175 x 233 mm
Frequency range (-3db):53 Hz - 21 kHz