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Originally Posted by Dave east View Post
Do you have the X or Live? If you do didn't you check out the specs before buying it?
I said lm not worried is because myself and others have other apparatus to suffice that need. If you don't have those MPCs then don't worry about something that probably won't happen.
No I don't have the X/live but had the Studio black for a few months running 1.9.x and was shocked that I couldn't do this in 2017, why would I not think it should do this when the 4000 can glide notes(808's) and how old is that machine? Not just me either if you check the MPC live thread in the electronic section, people are requesting this as well...

Do u work for Akai or just an hype'd up fan boy! These new MPC'S are great no doubt(I want one) but they come with faults as well and for 1000 or 2300 it should be able to do this basic stuff!!!