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Old 19th September 2017
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Ribbon mics with ultra-low noise floor

Looking for recommendations on your favorite ribbon mics with low noise floor (passive and active mics both). I do lots of very natural quiet acoustic recording, and find that most ribbons just have too much background noise, when I'm going for a clean recording rather than vibey.

I know there are some great small new companies out there doing cool stuff, and I'm also interesting in unusual ribbons like the Shure (Crowley and Tripp) mics, the Rupert Neve SE mic, the giant Ocean Way. I guess total gain and signal-to-noise are two different but related considerations.

I want to be able to make, for instance, a solo flute recording, where there isn't an instrument playing all the time. Many mics are terrific so long as there's a sound coming through at all times, on a rhythm instrument. But I'm looking for the most silent silences as well, along with the transient response that makes ribbons great on peaky instruments. I often use a Neve style preamp, but also have a Millennia for clean sounds.

So any opinions on various offerings from the names I mentioned above, and AEA, Cloud, Royer, Mesanovic, Stager, Beyerdynamic, and whatever else?