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I just love the idea of having the gain-matched preamps, there is so much that can be done when everything is perfectly balanced. If you have some time, I'd like to understand the "zoom" functions that are available. For example, most of the time I can't place the surround sound mic where I'd like to, it's often about 8 feet from what I'd think would be the optimal listening position (i.e. let's say there was a discussion and I want the mic to be situated in the middle of the discussion, but often I need to put it out of the way a bit so it doesn't interfere with camera's filming).

I really need to also download the AAX plugin, it all just looks like great stuff, I'm kind of gear lusting over the SPS200.
As to gain-matched preamps, they are necessary for proper decoding of any Ambisonic mic.
The ST450 and DSF-1 each come with a dedicated preamp/processor box.
BUT the SPS200 is a mic only. You have
to provide your own preamps.

As to the "Zoom" function it helps
with narrowing the focus BUT it isn't a substitute for being close enough. Even with the expensive Harpex B decoding software decoded in "shotgun" mode it is limited in reach. It's not the same as using a real shotgun mic.

To position a Soundfield (or other Ambisonic mic) properly you need to
monitor an omni decode and locate it to
get the proper direct to reverberant balance and then you can open it up
to a stereo pattern of choice.