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Old 18th September 2017
Gear Head

I saw this unit on demo at IBC, it is quite cool.

It has Dante support & Analog & AES inputs & outputs.
You can have it with a redundant PSU (external)
It is an optimal box for rooms, which have monitors with AES/EBU inputs. It is also great for Dante installations.
It also nicely fills the role of a proper monitoring section for Nuage systems.

Currently it is the first fully featured "All in one monitor management system", that lets you completely get rid of an USB/PCI/Digilink audio interface, and go straight in via Dante DVS, if someone ever wished to do so. Yes you can do that with JBL Intonato, by buying an Blu/Dante bridge, but that is a messy set up in my opinion.

However there are some other exciting developments for this type of product, from other players, so stay tuned.