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elysia karacter is a beast on its own and honestly I don't believe there's anything on the market like it. The variety of different tones/saturation/distortions you can get from the karacter is mind blowing. It's like having a dozen different processors in one unit: from crappy guitar pedal distortion to high-end mastering grade saturation and everything in between. It's mostly a creative tool that will handle everything you need from saturation to distortion.

Kerwax is a different kind of processor. It's mostly a tube line amp + tube EQ with Baxandall curves that sounds great on its own. You can definitely get creamy distortion from it but Kerwax does clean sounding equally as well. It's a proper old-school inspired tube EQ/line amp with modern features such as variable bias, m/s processing, and so on.
If I hadn't already bought an HG-2, an AML dual Redd47, a Coil Ca72 etc. I would have definitely bought this but it's so big and it sounds like I'm covered for clean to fuzzy cream in a tube.