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Maybe I understand now and I'll answer even more.
For me, I like contrast. High contrast, contradistinction. So I need gear that will allow me to capture and create that environment.
B&W example= A beautiful soft voice/song/performance contrasted with a tough/lo fi recording of it, or vice versa. Sometimes within the song, other times within the album as a whole (exampl. song1=crunchy, song2=clean, song 3= mixed bag etc..)
If everything sounds absolutely pristine I loose interest as I do if it all sounds crunchy or lo fi. I like these disparate sounds to co-habitate as they sometimes do out in the world, pulling my emotions every which way.
I used to record construction sites because of this. Brutal loud clangs mixed with soft hums of diggers and hissing of water jets, mixed with beautiful echoy squeals of rubbing steel all bouncing around a mud pit. Live and dead at the same time. Incredible.
That's what I require for a recorded emotional landscape.

Very nice .... a balance of sonic and emotional extremes. Would you say that pushing these further than you want them in the end is necessary, with mastering processing coming in later? Or do you mix the envelope right to the edge of where you want it to stay, and then just eq and volume level that mix mastering? Or is it more random where you just go for it and let it fall as it may?

Some of the newer mixers I work for can be surprized with the compromises mastering brings to the seemingly more 'radical' things they thought were built in to their mixes .... radical moves that were actually just poorly balanced eqs. So even after musical and respectful mastering they lose a little uniquness. If OTOH your mixes are dead on or very close, then you could mix right to the spot you want it in the end.

So I guess my question is ... do you mix dead on with a vision to the whole CD, a little overboard for each track in prep for mastering, or willy-nilly-crazy-man and just let it be ... with respect to sonic adventurism?